Babywearing : My Parenting Rescue 911

by - December 19, 2018

Out of my desperation to go outside from the four corners of our home, I decided to search "Parenting Hacks".

 Sounds unusual, but behind my independent lifestyle, modern co-parenting and all things that sort of being a different and brave woman, believe me when I tell that I am just a normal "praning" Mommy. I easily get paranoid whenever I am out and plans to leave my daughter to my mother. That time, I felt frustrated and sad, knowing I can never do things that I normally do before way back those days that I am still single or pregnant.
  The internet offers us lots of resources we can pull out. We are living in this digital world wherein everything we need will never be out of reach.
I search lots of "baby carriers", safe babywearing and everything that I believe can help me with my research. I found the keyword "recommended carrier". I seek more and found lots of infographics.
I joined a group which is a Davao Based that is composed of mothers like me. Then I found out a mom that sells preloved carrier. She taught me how to use it. Eventually, we became friends.
My daughter is just less than a year since we started babywearing. The easy access to breastfeeding, the comfortability that it brings to me and security to my child is my topmost priority. With babywearing, every errand runs smooth.
 We travel a lot even before kids. Now, our itinerary plans upgraded into something special.
 As my child grows, I have learned that the crucial stage of a growing child which is her "toddlerhood" demands more time and attention. So this means, her weight and her age is not a reason to stop wearing my child. In fact, for me,  this phase requires more cuddles, more attention, and more hugs. This growing child needs a lot more time to babywear. Not just for a mom's sanity to stay out from trouble, but to give your little one the love and attention they needed.
   DaWoW Moms, a community of moms which I discovered online is the reason I am here. Their dedication to Attachment and Natural Parenting is beyond the basics. This group is indeed a foundation of what I am as a parent right now.

Days may come and my child will outgrow my carriers, but this would not stop me from sharing my knowledge and love for other mothers. I believe that discovering babywearing and knowing a lot of mothers who are on the same course is a destiny. And the purpose of this fate is to keep the legacy and pass it to the next generations of mothers. “

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