Found My Own Kind of Beauty in Beautederm

by - December 19, 2018

Pregnancy and motherhood are one of the TOUGHEST jobs a woman could ever experience in her lifetime. Aside from those belly rocking waist, you can't deny the rapid changes of skin and discolouration especially on the face.

Why spend a lot to such treatment when you can do a simple regimen at home? A dermatologically tested and proven product to use? Why not?

As a mom of two, it is very tiring and expensive for me to pay bucks for a single session of derma treatments. As far as I know, there could be more than one session to finish the whole treatment. IMAGINE THAT?

So, I have been introduced to this product, and at first glance, I may seem to doubt, and I made some researches of reviews of the users.

These are few of the factors to consider on choosing your skincare products to use :
  • TIME. Does it take more time than feeding your child?
  • PRICE. Too pricey? Too cheap? Think again.
  • CONTENT. Research the name of the product and look for the SIGNS (i.e. mercury content)
  • LABELS. If it is distributed in your country, be sure that the product has its version of your language or at least English language. Example: How can you read the manual/directions if it's written in Thai?
  • SCENT. Smells like heaven or hell? I basically love the smell of beauty soaps. If the product you have been eyeing smells like something you don't want to put on your face, back out!
  • AGENTS. Always buy from the nearest LEGAL and AUTHORIZED sellers. Counterfeit items may look the same to the original products, but it may harm you, and worse is your healthy skin.
After a very long search of good beauty products that could fit in my lifestyle, a friend recommended me something I did not expect to discover.

Meet "Beautederm", my savvy skin kit. You know, I am not that regimen kind of girl. But these products bring curiosity to me. Before using, I made researches for reviews and content. And it was all perfect!
The Papain Soap do have this very juicy smell. The toner cleans and tightens pores that you can even feel the fresh feeling. The set of creams soothe the skin. How I love this.

Basically, just like all beauty regimens, it is normal to experience redness, itchiness and peeling. In Filipino , this is what we call "Tiis Ganda". Few days , your skin will become dewy, dead skins will fell off and the lighter and younger skin comes out!
And Magic! Beautiful , Younger Looking skin!

For more than two weeks of using this, the skin will continue rebuilding and glows up.
Why not try it your own? Moms deserve to experience this beauty too! It is time to take care of yourself, to feel beautiful inside and out!

Visit the nearest Beautederm Agent Now! Women of Davao can avail this from Creams and Crafts Boutique , Tionko Arcade (in between Penong Bajada and NBI XI) stall beside JRS Bajada Branch. 💕

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