How I Become A SUPER WAHM: 5 Things To Check Before Applying for An Online Job

by - December 21, 2018

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Today we are going to tackle how Stay-At-home-Moms became Super WAHMs (worked-at-home moms). I am the proof that you can do so much more even you are at home. And here I am, going to share some useful tips to own that online job or to earn money from home.
  1. INTERNET KONEKSYAN (kidding, its internet connection). Whether its a pocket wifi, a wired connection or wifi or just your mobile data, as long as it can sustain your work without any backlogs. Always consider your capability to pay for your internet connection. It is hard just to let yourself start on a wired connection which is expensive, and not going to spend the monthly bills. You know, as a mom, we have to make our budget the top priority. Hahaha (sorry I am laughing while making this blog hahaha!)Image result for pocket wifi
  2. UNIT! LAPTOP OR DESKTOP? WHICH IS WHICH?  The first thing to consider is, "What kind of work are you aiming for? Virtual Assistance? Listings? Online Teaching?"
    Sometimes employers or companies are strict in requiring what kind of unit their applicant is using. The heavier the work is, the more chance the company is needing a functional unit for you. Jobs like online teaching (51 Talk, Acadsoc, etc.) require a good headset, good camera, and wired connection. This means more investments for you and likely, expenses in your ends.  I am so lucky that my company is not that strict. I love working with them. The headset is not required, and the cam is not needed too. Only an excellent working computer is necessary. Laptop sellers are very flexible nowadays. If you want to pay it by installment, there are lots of credit company that welcomes you. I bought my Laptop (DELL Inspiron 3000 Series) in cash. Free mouse, free headset and a flash drive. Plus the cash discount!!! Image result for laptop dell inspiron 14
  3. TIME. Are you willing to work for 8 hours? Or just 3-4 hours? Night shift? DayShift? Graveyard shift? As a mother of a toddler, I am so clear during my job interview. That I am a mom and can only work "part of my day". My family always comes first. And I do have a toddler, dogs, online shop and a household to manage at the same time. Luckily, I am into a company which is family oriented and most of all, concerned enough to me. Always be honest to any company that you are planning to get in. Always explain with such pride that you are a mom. Know what time kids can play on the living so you can focus on working. Check your schedule for the interview, arrange the time considering kids can be on their "behave mode" (there is no such thing, but we can imagine hahaha). Can you work at night time after a long day of household chores? Can you work in the morning while prepping kids for school? Always check your availability.Image result for mommy time quotes
  4. PSYCHOLOGICAL CAPACITY. Well, this is something serious. If you are just pressured to have a job to support your family and you just gave birth. PLEASE!!! Think again. Post-Partum Blues, Mood Swings are killers. They can progress to Post-partum depression. Have your health get back to its standard. Always believe that -HEALTH IS WEALTH. Working at home also includes stress and too much pressure too. If you can't handle all of the weight at this point, you can delay everything else and prioritize your child/children.Image result for postpartum depression
  5. Research shows " Postpartum depression is indeed a universal dilemma.
    In this study, it was noted the prevalence of postpartum depression among mothers who delivered in a tertiary hospital in Dasmariñas, Cavite from April to May 2013 is 22.61%.
    It was noted that majority of those who have postpartum depression were 18-35 years of age, married, unemployed, primiparous, and delivered vaginally to a full term baby boy and were mixed feeding their babies" Always remember that you can be SUPER but not a ROBOT.
  6. PASSION. Why do you want to be an online teacher? Aside from the extra income to the family, what are those factors in choosing the right online job for you? If you want writing, then do blogging, copywriting and content writing. If you love working on numbers, you can do accounting online! Yes, they have! Always do things that can make you happy. Things that can build the "better you"! As much as possible you have to do things according to your passion and your interest. Earning while enjoying your tasks is one of kind luck. If you love your job, you will never go to work all your life. <3 Always be happy and see the bright side. <3currency of happiness.jpg

  • That's it, Moms! Always remember that Jesus died for you! Never waste time thinking of giving up.
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And lots of photos from GOOGLE. HAHAHAH

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