Yey for Lacto Moms New Online HUB!

by - December 19, 2018

Hulagway ni Ysai

UGH MAZING! Tricia Mae Lim  Lacto Mom OFFICIALLY open for website carting!

Lacto MomI was so thrilled when I heard from their Facebook page that they are catering more mode of payments. Example of this MOP is PAYPAL.

As a worked-at-home mom, my salary processes through Paypal and sometimes, few customers (who are WAHMs too) opt to pay me through Paypal too.

Hulagway ni Ysai

This kind of business innovation just came in the time of my crazy loaded schedules(work, business, and mom life).
Gathering all things up. Household chores, kiddie stuff and all of the things that we can tag as "Mommy Tasks," doing it 24/6 ALL BY MYSELF.
I'm not kidding anyone here. LOL 

Hulagway ni Ysai
My life is full of Syntax Errors, but these guilty pleasures make me feel that I deserve a treat to myself (sometimes).
Order here:
Window Shop until you drool here:
PS I carted a not so sweet veg muffin. 

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