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by - January 11, 2019

It just started from the interest what is a "bandana bib" and she learns to sew for her own son, Isagani. Our woman of the week - SUPER WAHM Kyt Amaya. 

 Being a WAHM (work at home mom) requires energy and time to juggle life and work or business. This mom, which I personally know as a promising seamstress of my local community started sewing bandana bibs way back her son is still young. This skills become a hobby and then debut last July 2016. Running for almost 3 years in the business, it is not a question why Gani's World still competes among the local dressmakers in Davao City. Why? You can distinguish the neatness and the love sewn in every edge, and the thread is full of joy. This SUPER WAHM does not mind day and night anyways (LOL).

LITTLE BEGINNINGS. Kyt started sewing Bandana Bibs for Gani, who knows she can sew for some kids?  Her first stash is just a few yards of fabric, she did not expect magic to come over but here it is. After her resignation from the company she is working for years, she decided to put this passion into a business. Sharing love through these items.  She shared that she just tried sewing one bib with her co-seamstress friend and tried if she can sew using automatic sewing machines. Eventually, she bought her 1st Sewing Machine ( a secondhand SM) which is her partner for almost a year then.

GANI and Gani's World. Her first model is her son- Isagani Miguel also known as Gani. This sweet little guy is her mom's inspiration in creating beautiful bibs, drool pads and custom design dresses.
Gani's World is an online shop accepting Made To Order Dresses, Big Bibs, Bandana Bibs, Stroller Pads, and Drool Pads. The advantage of this neighborhood modiste is having someone you can talk to when you have some specific sizes to follow and choosing the fabric you love is a PLUS. 

These are just sneak peek of what Gani's World offers! (Drool over the creations below !)

 MTO Bandana Bibs (SRP 90.00 each)
Cloth Wipes 
MTO Baby Dresses (SRP Range from 380-550)
 Back towels With Microfiber
THIS OMG SO CUUUTTEE!!! Carrier Bag and Matchy Drool Pads!!
Baby Romper!!!
MTO Dress Set (Dress, Big Bibs and Headband!!) 


The Ready to Pick Up Beauties!

These items make me want more kids shortly. (Laughs and cries HAHA) Do you see how cute it is? Can you see it? 

(L-R Kyt, Gani and Me last Year's Expo Mom in Abreeza Ayala Mall)

Kyt and Her Business. Actually, we (me and Kyt) usually go out for foods lol and of course for business. We just recently partnered last year's Mommy Mundo's Expo Mom. That event was a success. I can't believe how local moms from any walks of life love handmade products and local mompreneurs. From booths out of tables to a mall-based expo, Kyt ventures new styles of marketing aside form digital advertisements and social media account in Facebook and Instagram.

SORRY FOR THE PHOTO but this is how large the production is as of this moment. This is what reality for a seamstress. Fabric all over the house. You wake up with materials, you'll sleep with them too. 

There is an undeniable number of reasons to choose Local Products over these expensive baby items we buy from the big companies. Local Products are way cheaper too! Buying from your homegrown entrepreneur is helping small businesses grow and promoting them to produce more handmade, and love made pieces just for you. 

Inspired? Check Gani's World on Facebook and IG! Check the links below:

See you next pub for another feature of SUPER WAHMS and their businesses/life. <3
This your Pambansang Kumare,
MommyBabe PH <3

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