by - February 18, 2019

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What is a woman?

To bear a child?
To handle the chores?
To wait for her husband every night when he is driving late from work?

We usually hear this stereotypical phrases whenever the word, "woman" is being coined.

She is the one bringing up the world to your children. Creating imaginative picture onto them. Putting stars during every bedtime stories.
Nourishing your family as long as she can.

She was strong and powerful. She was indeed unpredictable. She is a flower on this garden that seems to bloom under the sun and the rains. But she was bent after last night's storm.

She stood on the darkness because all they know she can put up a light. That she can handle the winds, she can handle the fire.

She is a woman. They said that she is made out of a man, but worthy to be treated with love and respect.
Whatever clothing she wears and the language she speaks.
She is a woman who deserves respect and admiration.

Woman, always know your worth. Never forget your purpose and "how you belonged" to this world.

You are an ART. Waiting to be discovered. Your life is a composition of your heart's gestures of love and your soul's creative dances.

Rock And Roll!

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