A Mom's Diary : The Multipurpose Zey and Me

by - April 29, 2019

Last few days I've been feeling so miserable. My trembling early "postpartum" past (yes back to those days) I am still struggling to be the best and a newbie mom in one body. Funny it may seem but we can't deny the fact that motherhood is a jungle.

Me, Anxiety Swinging at Level 999
 ( List of things to do versus remaining time - STRESSFUL!)

Last week, my anxieties are triggered as I am seeing moms like me frustrated and tired. Well, all of us Moms do. We are tired at 12midnight and yes, the same feeling at 8 o'clock in the morning. Ever since I was pregnant, I am living separately from my mother. The independence in me bursts out every day of my life. This freedom leads me to more things to do. More time to spend. More priorities to categorize.

Making a list of things to do, creating imaginative "relaxation" breaks just to have an outlet whenever I am tired. Choosing the right product which is multipurpose and can do almost every chore in the kitchen may save a lot of time.

Lately, I have been so explorative to my kitchen. My bottle for toy cleaner (the liquid thing I bought from the supermarket) was emptied. I need to wash her toys immediately as I need to make ALL my tasks fast I can to proceed to another task. (Yes this is why MOMS ARE CRAZY)


I found out that #ZEY Dishwashing Liquid is a good alternative as a toy cleaner! YES! The logic is, I am using this in our plates, why not with these toys?

I use the following measurements and materials:

  • half pale of water
  • 2-3 tablespoon of Zey dishwashing liquid
  • Create a solution of Zey Dishwashing Liquid with the water inside the pale (you can invite your kid with a little basin, let her clean her toys! )
  • Soak the toys for 5 minutes.
  • Scrub a little bit.
  • Rinse with running water.
  • Pat dry with a towel.
TIP : You can use toothbrushes to clean some corners of these Lego blocks.
Wait! Don't throw the solution yet! Get a mop, use the solution to scrub the floor. You can also use this too as window cleaner especially it is summer and having some dusty jalousie because of the summer winds.

After we tap dry her toys, she played with them right away and told me its smells like "yemon jus" (lemon juice). Zey has a Lemon Variant of their dishwashing liquid line.
This process saved my time going out to the supermarket. I cleaned up my daughter's toys and mopped the floor. More time for my daughter, I got to have more kisses as well as she enjoyed washing duckie on the basin we prepared. <3

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed some emo jumping blog(lol)! 

Check out my vlog for this topic here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX21DVtfTM4&t=129s

Be happy!

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