Missed THREE-ry : Why Its Great to Breastfeed Your Toddler?

by - May 31, 2019

Have you ever asked by someone when are you going to wean your child? Alternatively, been told that your child is too old to cling on your breast and say “dudu”?

First and foremost, I would like to tell you that this month celebrates our 3rd Year of Breastfeeding. I still do have “let downs,” I still experience engorgement every morning and still breastfeeding on nursing wear.

Some people may ask if my daughter still feeds on me if I can still supply what she needs. Is my breastmilk nutritious enough?

The simple answer is the “supply-demand” theory. My child can still breastfeed beyond her babyhood because she still latches on me anytime she wants. The mother’s body works like magic. As it is always known to give what the baby needs. The more we continue breastfeeding our child, the more it produces.

I will share you some lovely truth about extended breastfeeding and why it is kind to your little boy and girl.

Extended Nursing is Extended Protection from Illness

We all know that breastmilk gives antibodies and extra protection to our child during their baby days. Nursing them beyond those tiny moments will extend our support to them in terms of enhancing their immune system. According to What To Expect, this may help them less prone to ear infection, colds, and allergies. ( OH, THAT IS NIICE!)

Molding Up a Bright Child

Though there are no studies that we can conclude directly to this.
Breastmilk is filled up with omega-3 fatty acids, or DHA. These are good for baby’s brain development. I believe that when we built the character first by making it emotionally stable, our children can be more sociable and likely open to listen, observe, and learn on their own.

A Happy Dinosaur

Extending breastfeeding is prolonging the hugs and attachment of both mother and child. Making them feel that they got you when they are hungry make them happy and contented little kid. The easy access to their “food” and “snacks” makes them worry less and enjoy more the bond between you and her.

Instant Pacifier to Tantrums

I swear to this! Lol! When Nana turns out to be a little cutey monster, I am just going to show my chest and point to my breast and ask her if she wants “dudu”? Moreover, it works amazing! HAHAHA!

Love for Mama

As breastfeeding reduces the risk of cancers in women such as breast and ovarian cancer. For some women, it helps them maintain a healthy weight (you know breastfeeding takes energy and calories). It can be a form of relaxation to some moms, as I can prove that breastfeeding releases oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for love and feeling of nurturing your child. It plays a vital role in producing breastmilk and for me staying “sane.”

My Child, My Rules

We all have the rights to give our opinions, but we have to make sure that these words are responsible enough when you know in yourself that you can influence them. Our actions are for us, but when it is not right, and it is done, maybe we can consider saying that we are sorry.

Do whatever is best to your offsprings, but be sure this is for their well-being and this can affect them positively. Be sure to have a bucket full of patience and understanding. You may distribute it any time of the day. (Lol!)

As I stepped on this Motherhood Journey, I promised my child to give her the best of my abilities and the greatest of my love. One of my achievement is reaching this stage and still able to feed her. Waking up during her petty nightmares and calming her down is priceless. Calling her out during her tantrums on her Terrible Two phase is so easy, just point the “dudu,” and here she is with a smile while crying. (Hahaha)

Confidence and Enjoyment are the keys to making this extending journey happy and memorable.

Motherhood is not easy. Breastfeeding is not too. However, I have learned to educate myself first before teaching my child and other people. I learned to accept the truth of creating a support group within my home, and that includes myself and my dogs. Kidding aside, all you need is yourself and of course, yourself.

That’s it for today! Kudos, padede moms!


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  1. I agree with my child my rules! You have to do what you think is right!

  2. very true my child my rule..anak ko din po pag sobra ang iyak pakita ko dede ko ttigil n xa .