Coffee and Motherhood : A Sit Down Chilling at Bo's Coffee

by - November 24, 2019

"Ma, gusto ko mag-kape!"
Have you ever wondered how I was coffee-drunk every exam way back college days? Or let us break it into these words, "How coffee-fueled me survive those days?"

This is the real me. Coffee drunk Accountancy-Blogger student paving its way every 5:30 AM just to get into the school bus for a free ride. I can survive a day without a meal. But, I can't function well without a coffee. (Wag gayahin haha)

I believe that I have tasted more than 50 kinds of coffee LOL. And maybe my opinions can be considered as a legit review. If I say, "it's good", "it's okay" and "I'll be back tonight for another cup."I can prove you that I am telling some honest reviews (LOL)
Becoming a mother is my coffee-blood's heartache. Imagine that I have not sipped even just a few milliliters for NINE MONTHS during my pregnancy. I have never wanted a mug of coffee just like how I wanted a few hours after I gave birth to Nana.


( from the left) Mr and Mrs Liu Mr Jose Villa Abrille Llamas and Mr Steve Benitez Benitez 

Steve Benitez, the man behind the entire concept, the one who managed their family-run Ric's Barbecue in Cebu City. The first-ever Bo's Coffee was opened in June 1996 with a small space in Ayala Center Cebu. After 8 months of success, it had expanded to a coffee cart in SM City, Cebu. For the record, last December 2018, they already grew up to 103 stores nationwide including a branch in Doha, Qatar. They vision up to 200 stores serving nationwide for the next two to three years and that includes four from Doha, Qatar.


As I watch this city growing, it has become a melting pot of businesses and investors. And what makes me exciting are the coffee shops making its way to this peaceful urban city.

One of this coffee shops I want to invite you and sit with me is the newest branch of Bo's Coffee.
Located inside one of the city's most popular subdivisions, Bo's Coffee's new baby is strategically located at The Compound, Tulip Drive, Juna Subdivision Davao City.

What makes this branch different and a must-visit shop?

Well... I am giving you some beautiful points to consider chilling and having conversation is best here.

  • The interior design is 100% AWESOME. I promise you, ladies and gentlemen. This place is aesthetic and something to be proud of. Why? The ceiling, walls, fixtures, and furniture depict the Davao Region and some of its symbolism.
  • Their coffee are produced from different regions here in our country. Coffee tastes like heaven to me, and this cafe gives me Cloud 9. (Oh that is not an exaggeration!)

  • So, what happens if their coffee beans are sourced out from the localities? This shows the beans are from the local growers, local farmers and they are FILIPINOS!
  • AND TRIVIA: THEY ARE SERVING YOU DELICIOUS BREAKFAST MEALS! Why not pair your fresh brewed coffee with a platter of eggs, bacon and toasted bread! (I am hungry while writing this hahaha) PLUS PASTA AND MANY MORE!! ( You must Visit!!)


Ms Samantha Liu, franchisee of Bo's Coffee 

Ms. Samantha Liu is the franchisee of this specific branch here in Davao City. I remembered that one branch in Dumaguete is under renovation to serve the Dumaguetenos better. And guess what? SHE OWNS THAT BRANCH TOO.

With the help of his Husband, the power couple cheers up for another exciting adventure to get on. 
I was so amazed how a business builds a good bond between families especially couples. It is necessary to get intimate ideas from someone who cares for you the most and that is what I witnessed from them.

The personalization of the cafe to match up the locals and the visitors to the city is well-targeted. Along with their staff and crew, they happily showed us how they brew their coffee. It takes patience and dexterity. They showcased the Mt Apo and Sagada Beans!



Just like us, moms tend to juggle work and motherhood. All we need is to brew this together correctly and "VOILA!" Giving ourselves some mommy meetups and mommy get together is not wrong. In fact, we needed it. Maybe a cup of coffee and a sit-down talk with your mommy friends is what you need today.

Maybe you can drop me some message and we'll see each other on a table with your favorite brew. 

Love and coffee-loving,


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