Arts and Who Is Jesus in Our Lives : Visiting Art de Triomphe's Kristo 2020

by - January 17, 2020

Stigmata of The Holy Ghost
(My Personal Favorite!)

This first painting above knocks me out. The second I snap a look at it, I saw myself. I saw my child.
 That God can be one of us. He can be any of us. 
Walking down the memory lane, I always see my father teaching us how to write and draw. The feeling always went back every time I visit an art exhibit or a museum. I always love colors, forms and interesting images made by points or dots.

 Last Thursday is one of the most refreshing events I ever attended as a blogger mom who was an artist on stage. Seeing paintings and artworks hanged on every panel amuses me. As I have been surrounded by a bunch of artists that very moment, I realize that every art or painting they put up is a story made of life.

The Birth of  Art de Triomphe

"It was just a dream. And now I met these people who share the same ideas, same vision and courage, we took the chance." That is what Ma'am Bernadette Gular said to me. As she opens her home to be the haven of these artists to share their creations with the public. After more than two decades of living away from the city, she went back and reconnect with some people at Philippine Women's College. Then she met a few people, including Peter Amaya, who was also working in the said school at that time. Then they started creating small steps of bringing back classism to the people of today. As they share the same advocacy and dedicated everything to God. They had their soft opening last October 2019, and just this January 16, 2020, they launched it to the public.

Kristo 2020: Unto Rebirth in Mindanao

As Ma'am Bernadette started making this vision come true, her colleagues Salvador J. Ching already conceptualized Kristo 2020 since 2005. Collaborating with him gives her a spark to make a move. Teaming up with the best artists, including Mr. Rodney Yap, who also tap artists outside the city. The launching was joined by Maru Aihara, Peter Amaya, Shaira Ancheta, Glenn Baga, Bienvenido Bones Bañez Jr., Romilo "Do Dong" Caballero , Johnny Cabañero, Bryan Cabrera, Arvin Cantalejo, Nil Capinianes, Reneboy Chua, John Renzo Daquigan. Tristan Rae Daran, Romeo Dumuk III, Gemarie Gamas, Mean Tan Guinoo, Bernadette Gular, Toym Imao, Noby Juno Jr, Gabrielle Macavinta, Omar Noble, Isang Ondon, Dominador Pamisa Jr. , Imelda Pangan, Lito Pepito, Joaquin Sala, Rob Tanedo, Lawrence Christopher Tulio, Dominic Turno, and Lino Velchez.

The exhibit comprises a line up of paintings and artworks that mesmerize the audience with the image of Jesus Christ and also tells a deep story. Each artwork is not just a mere painting hanged in there for aesthetics. Everything tells a history. A long dramatic description of Jesus into their lives.

Walking to Each Artistry's Dimension ( Gallery)

Me and Gabrielle "Elle" Macavinta, who leads the external operations
and hands-on organizer of the launching

Elle's work of Art. So lovely!

Ma'am Bernadette, Me and Elle
(So much love and lightness with these ladies.)

Some of the guests of the Launching of Art de Triomphe

Madam Ford of Ford Academy of Arts Davao who
graced the event

 Lessons from Art de Triomphe's Artists

“Arts is not just painting, colors, or what. It is a way of living, it is your way of life. “ Romeo, one of Art de Triomphe featured artists. He said he is always passionate about drawing when he is still a child. As he uses pens to create images on any blank papers he sees. He said that his parents, who inspire him, are the key to his success as an artist. And now that he is starting to build his own family, he is hopeful to bond with his future kids with arts.

"If the child shows talent and he shows his style. The support must be not limited to the materials but also the understanding of the passion and give them the freedom to discover what more they can do." Noby Juno Jr, one of the exhibit's featured artists.

"Arts depend from person to person. I have known a few people who discovered their talents, who discovered their skills when they are young, some are when they are in college or adulthood. For me, my exposure and my parents' support is one of the cores of continuing my passion." Gabrielle Macavinta featured industrial artists.

Invitation to the Public and Art Enthusiasts

The event is open to the public for one month. Great news to those people who wish to enjoy the crafts, plus some pieces are for sale! 

You can visit Ma'am Bernadette's home. Located at Tulip Drive, Juna SubdivisionFront of DLPC Substation, Davao City. Just at least 5-10 minutes away from SM City Ecoland, Davao City.

Art de Triomphe offers art mentorship for all art enthusiasts for all ages.  (See poster below for more details.)

Thoughts to Ponder

Before the night ended, I realized that parents play a very important role in every child's talent. From discovering their potentials, guiding them and supporting them as well. Every child is unique so as every parent. Partnering your child in making them the person they want to be is not an easy task. But, giving them time and showing them that you are always there standing on their side when they lean on is the best thing that we can do.

How I wish to join this wonderful event again. I believe that "arts" is what the world was made. Each pattern, each connection we made through people or through non-living things, is definitely a craft made by God. Kristo 2020 is just one example of how Jesus Christ creates a part in our lives, these artists are only outlets of the great news that He is real, divine and existing.#

Until our next "art meet-up"!
Love and Courage,

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