Junk Journals for Moms (Part 1) : Affordable Crafts and Tips

by - January 19, 2020

2020 Beginner's Pack! Excess of 2019 Materials!

Are you searching for the best planner for you, mom? Sticking with the budget? You got to finish reading everything here!

"Before discovering the word "planner," I've been a fan of "Scrapbooking." It all started from my late high school days when I learn to reuse previous projects to complete another one. Living below the average salary, my mom has no extra funds to support my materials like stickers, stamps, washi tapes and etc. But as a child who really wants to push a successful compilation of colorful pages, I decided to reuse and recycle my sisters' excess materials and old projects found in our cabinets."

As a millennial mom, nothing new with waking up seeing a bunch of planner moms on my Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. Even my Pinterest feeds show lots of it! I have tried a dated planner, but it never worked. (for me? lol!) I tried checking some planners from popular coffee shops, I even got two for free, but I end up giving them to my friends!

As I go back to my cabinet, piles of loose Kraft papers, washi tapes bought from the "mine all you can" thread of a planner group, stamps I purchased last year, and the pens gifted to me last Christmas. I realized that it can be my "dream" planner.

There are nothing wrong with buying expensive planners and some craft pieces, but if you can just save that cash for other things that are on top of the priority list, you can still create the best planner for you by doing it yourself or what they call "DIY."

Should we need a bunch of washi tapes?
Should we use expensive pens?
How about stickers? Is it really needed?

Black Gel Pens! For grocery list to planners! Why not!

This first part of the "Junk Journal's for Mom's " will give you a checklist of the best tips, cheap materials, and nearest stores that you will be amused how affordable their prices are!

THE MAIN PAGES: Materials and Papers(Leaves)

  • Kraft Papers can be bought from 50 pesos to 120 pesos per 100 pages (A5 Size). I chose A5 and the one which is not less than the size of 3x3 sheets because it fits the pocket of my bag!
  • Planner Groups are your best friends! I bought a handful of craft materials for the price of 250 from a "mine all you can" thread!

  • I used clips! Multipurpose! I exceptionally reuse this for budgeting, to sort bills and attached it to the receipt! WOAH!
  • I use a refillable gel pens in writing!
  • I am not a fan of too many colors on some days. You can really rely on this when everything is messy, or you are in a hurry! A black gel pen is a staple!
  • Washi Samplers is love! I am so lucky to catch new designs and prints because of buying these samplers! PLUS! They are cheaper! (Especially from a destash thread!)

I bought this for less than  100 pesos last year! Woot woot!


  • Shopee is indeed one of the most online popular marketplaces where some planner girls and moms binge scan! You can even cart the lowest price during their Flash Sales!
  • If you are near to any Expressions shops, you can easily pick up great finds! (I bought 70% of my new materials there last year! Lol!)
  • Magazine shops, your neighborhood seamstress, and your artist friends can give you their excess materials or their cut-outs! I love collecting a small bit of some corner laces! 

There can be lots of ways to renew yourself in crafting and creating the best planner that suits your taste. And building it with your own hands without draining you lots of money is better. 

Never be afraid of starting your own planner journey, we can do it!

How about you mom? What money-saving planner tips you got there?#

Nice to see you here, Mom!

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Love & Courage,

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  1. Ako din , mahilig ako mg scrapbook noong highschool at college pa ako, I think I still have my stash sa kabilang room. magamit ko nga ito sa planner ko! parang feeling highschool lang! hehe