Brownies with Potatoes? A New Favorite!

by - November 18, 2020

Brownies with Potatoes? A New Favorite!

I always love adding a twist to every meal I serve to my family. This pandemic taught me to maximize whatever is in our pantry. This also made me exert a little “extra” effort in terms of creativity, since my family misses going out and dining in a cafe or a restaurant. 

Who does not love sweet and soft brownies to end a lovely dinner? And how about adding potatoes into it? Fascinated?

This whole read is all about how I made everybody’s favorite brownies using potatoes. Yes, potatoes! I am excited to share with you the whole experience so you can also create your version in the comfort of your home.

Potatoes Everywhere

Being a mom means evolving from breastfeeding to the introduction of solid foods to your child. One of the most popular baby foods moms always recommend is the potato. Be it boiled, stewed, roasted, or mashed! It is undeniably one of the easiest baby foods to prepare.

Did you know that the potato is “fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free”? It is also packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals like vitamin C, potassium, protein, and fiber. This nutrient-dense vegetable is a wonderful addition to our diet and a good substitute for rice to help with weight management. If you want to know more about its many healthful benefits, do check out 

Creating dishes with vegetables, especially for kids, may be tricky, but potatoes are just so versatile that you can add it to just about any meal. What makes them more appealing is that they are affordable and readily available in markets everywhere. 

Potatoes are an excellent extender for dishes like Caldereta, Menudo, and Afritada. Don’t forget other yummy snacks made from spuds like spiral fries, flavored potato sticks, mojos, and even balls!

No Trick, Just Potato Treats

There’s more to potatoes than just savory treats. You can actually make delicious desserts like brownies, smoothie, doughnuts, croissants, or even brioche, using the humble potato.

I have recently discovered U.S. dehydrated potatoes, and how adding it to your recipe improves the overall flavor and texture of your sweet and savory dishes.

What are dehydrated potatoes? Simply put, they are real potatoes with just the water removed. They deliver all the flavor, nutrition, and versatility of potatoes in a more convenient package – and are the perfect ingredient for everything from soups and salads to main dishes and desserts. 

One of the recipes I tried using dehy potato is Chef Miko Aspiras’ brownies. My version is covered with melted chocolate making it extra mouth-watering!

It’s quite simple to make. Check the full recipe below.

Choco-Bathe Fudge Brownie


30 Grams U.S. Dehydrated Standard Potato Granules
80 grams of Cocoa Powder
350 grams White Sugar
4 grams Iodized Salt
2 grams Baking Powder
5 grams Espresso Powder
150 grams Whole Eggs
227 grams Butter. Melted
60 ml Oil
10 ml Vanilla Extract
88 grams Dark Chocolate Chip (optional)
1 cup melted chocolate


1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius.

2. Prepare your desired cake molder, cake ring with foil or you can just have a cake/brownies foil containers. Spray canola oil non-stick spray or you can lightly brush butter or oil on the cake pan.

3. Sift together the dry ingredients (except the sugar) including the U.S. Dehydrated Standard Potato Granules.

4. Mix into a big metal bowl the eggs, vanilla extract, butter, oil, white sugar until fluffy, fold in the dry ingredients.

5. Add the chocolate chips (or nuts), if available.

6. Pour your mixture into the cake pans or cake ring, bake for 30-45 mins depending on the depth of your pan.

7. Cool down, remove it from the pan or the cake ring.

8. Slice it into cubes or triangles.

9. Pour the melted chocolate.

10. Serve with a well-brewed coffee or hot milk.

The Potato Verdict

It may sound cliche and repetitive, but isn’t it amazing that you can make such a delightful dessert with potatoes? My family loves the brownies, and they were devoured in minutes!

I can’t wait to see you make your potato recipe using U.S. potatoes. Check out my social media for details. The best recipe will receive a HUGE SURPRISE!

Where to find U.S. Potatoes

You may be wondering where you can get U.S. potato products. They’re available at the following:

U.S. dehydrated potatoes – baking supply stores or message Potatoes USA Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

U.S. frozen potatoes – frozen aisle in groceries nationwide; for top quality fries, make sure the label says they’re from the U.S. 

U.S. fresh or table-stock potatoes – not available year-round, check the produce section of the supermarket near you.

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