Our Home's Safety Protocol with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol

by - January 13, 2022

With the rising COVID-19 case in the country, our home is still the safe haven for me and my family. That is why I always maintain our "Home Protocol". Aside from limiting our exposure outside our homes, I always make sure that whenever we get inside our door and car I always spray or rub my hands with a disinfectant.

As a mom, I am always the assigned person to run the errands and make sure that I disinfect myself and the things I bring home like groceries and stuff.

Live Safe Now with Defensil

Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol enables Filipinos to continue their lifestyles during the pandemic, allowing them to still do the activities they love while staying safe and healthy. As the rubbing alcohol brand recommended by the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Filipinos can live safe wherever they are with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol – whether commuting to work, doing essential errands such as buying groceries at the supermarket or palengke, or even working out outdoors or shopping online – since it starts to kill germs on contact and kills 99.9% of common germs and bacteria, while providing up to 12 hours of protection upon constant use. 

Strategical Location of our Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol

This pandemic requires us to slow down with our chores, that is why we need the best protection to help us adjust to the #newnormal

I choose Defensil 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to team up with me. You can find bottles of Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol to Four Points of our home.

1. In our main door. Visitors can have a pump of it and we can easily reach it whenever we enter home.

2. Playroom and study room. It is not an excuse for me to teach kids to sanitize their hands whenever they attend their online classes and during their recess.

3. Inside my Mommy Bag. Whenever and wherever I go, I bring with me a small bottle.

4. Inside my car. As a mom who runs all errands alone, short trips to ATM ma
chines, drugstores, or grocery curb side, I always have Defensil to clean my hands.

Why Defensil?

Fast-acting on germs ! They start killing them upon contact! 

Superb protection up to 12 hours with constant use!
Defensil 70% isopropyl alcohol kills 99.9% of germs that makes me as a mom the peace of mind that I using the right product in our household. Plus, Philippine Society for Microbiology

Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol is also pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, which means that it has passed the strictest quality standards of the Philippine Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Defensil is available in Robinsons, Puregold, and other leading supermarkets.

With those facts, I feel confidently safe for me and my family.

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Keep safe, Kumare !

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